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B&M Cleaning has specialised in tailoring cleaning systems and services to the requirements of many industries. As a result we have a wealth of experience, technical knowledge, and expertise across a broad range of industries and businesses. Our team have all been professionally trained and will prioritise a quality cleaning service in a time efficient manner. When you select a B&M Cleaning, you can trust that you will receive a highly trained and educated staff member, state of the art equipment and the highest level of service possible. We provide different types of cleaning services. Each of the services listed below are done by our reliable professional team who will always do an amazing job for our clients.
School Cleaning

Schools are a place of education and learning. To facilitate this environment and culture of learning, a clean and tidy area is a necessity, especially in times of uncertainty with a pandemic. B&M Cleaning services specialise in the thorough and extensive provision of all type of school cleaning. Our staff will deep clean the carpet flooring, wipe the tables, and ensure that your school is prim and proper for another day of education. While the students are working their way towards their future is our duty to provide them with a clean and healthy environment to support their dreams!

Office Cleaning
B&M Cleaning offers Professional Office Cleaning Services throughout Melbourne. We understand that your office is the face of your company. It needs to be beautifully clean and tidy in order to maintain a professional look. An office is clean and productive and loved by an organisation’s employees and employers. From carpet cleaning, table wiping, window cleaning and more, our team will ensure that we leave your office in a pristine state as if were brand new. The clean office is vital to any business’ performance and overall reputation!

Shop Cleaning

A shop’s cleanliness and hygiene are an important factor for attracting customers. A dirty store can discourage customers from entering and they are likely to take their business elsewhere. Sometimes managing a shop and keeping it clean can be a bit difficult especially for maintaining appearances or other difficult areas. Leave the difficult cleaning to us to you can properly concentrate on running your business and we will ensure your shop will be shining bright and immaculate. Your customers will be impressed with the hygiene and cleanliness of your shop!

House Cleaning

Are you too busy to clean your house? Dust accumulating, dirty carpets, and just a messy house? Busy schedules, appointments and the endless stream of social events often mean that that our homes unfortunately end up neglected. B&M cleaning is probably the best blessing you can give yourself. We also cater to house cleanings, and our team will clean every inch of the inside of your house. Leave the stress of cleaning your house to us instead. We believe you should never have to compromise on the things that really matter in life!

Factory Cleaning

Factories can be a bit dry and bland, but maintaining a clean factory adds a bit of sunshine for factory workers. If your employees know you dedicate company time and resources to making sure their working environment clean, they are more likely to take pride in their work. Moreover, deep cleaning machines and general appearances can lead to more productive and secure place for employees to work. Taking care of your machines with a deep clean and maintaining a factory’s appearance is vital for long term survivability.

Carpet Cleaning

At B&M Cleaning, we believe clean, sanitary, stain-free carpets are fundamental for a truly healthy and productive living and working environment. Carpets can be extremely annoying to clean, that is why our professional team are more than experienced and equipped to deep clean your carpets. A clean carpet can improve indoor air quality and help to protect you, your family or your employees from respiratory issues such as asthma. Simple vacuum cleaners will not properly clean carpets especially if there are spills, you need the right machinery. Carpet cleaning done by our team will leave you with carpet that looks brand new!

Window Cleaning

Maintaining the outer appearance of a building and cleaning at heights can be very daunting and difficult. That is why you should leave it to the professionals. With trained personnel with years of experience and proper equipment, leave your windows to us and we will get them polished immaculately. Clean windows always look brilliant and will make your business seem a lot more professional. The interior of your building is also a lot brighter and more positive when the view is crystal clear. We can get any windows transformed from dull to sparkly in no time at all so your company can shine!

Gutter Cleaning

If you avoid gutter cleaning altogether, you can cause significant harm to the integrity of your home overall. Gutter cleaning can be done by yourself, however sometimes the gutter themselves can be positioned in a dangerous height or difficult to reach areas. B&M Cleaning’s effective and comprehensive services are suitable for properties of all sizes. Our cleaning team are diligent in gutter cleaning and with the right tools will work efficiently and in a safe manner to clean your gutters. See how we can help you with your gutter cleaning requirements!

Floor Strip and Seal

Thinking that your floors are losing their glossy touch? Stripping and sealing floors can be a tricky task that often leaves people with damaged floors when they attempt to do it themselves. Our floor strip and seal service will not only give you a new look to your floor that revamps its colour and design, but also properly cleans the floor. The benefits of applying a high quality floor sealer system to a floor are both the protection and the enhancement of what is a valuable asset. Check out our floor strip and seal services now!
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Gutter Cleaning

Our experienced team, get up to those hard to reach spots, assess, clean and flush your gutters and spounting - leaving you with complete peace of mind.

Window Cleaning

With many years of experience behind their backs, the cleaners, will ensure that every window cleaning job is done in a timely and efficient manner.

Spring Cleaning

The Spring Clean service is a fantastic way to tackle those long overdue tasks around the house.

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B&M Cleaning was established in 2008 and is based and operating in Glen Waverley. We have quality services, affordable rates, and the highest level of professionalism.

Our teams are completely proficient and persistently go through preparing to work on their abilities. We provide the most efficient and fast cleaning services for residential and industrial clients.

We can provide cleaning services to your school, factory, office, and Melbourne homes on a one-off, daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. No matter what service you’re looking for, we guarantee to not only meet but exceed your expectations and ensure your satisfaction.